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Thanks for joining me on the Louisville Cycling Podcast!!

This is the podcast that celebrates the people, events, and rides in and around Louisville, KY!

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To make it easy in the first post, I’ve put all of the existing episodes up to this point in one posting. Click on any of the links below to listen!

Louisville Cycling Podcast
Louisville Cycling Podcast

Minisode: 5 Reasons Louisville Needs a Cycling Podcast!

Episode 2: Curtis Tolson

Episode 3: John Dziedzic

Episode 4: Revo Devo Jr. Cycling

Episode 5: Ten things I love about Cycling

Episode 6: Talking with Jr. Racers

Episode 7: Andrew Beckman and Barry-Roubaix

Episode 8: Andrew Llewellyn

Episode 9: Short. Track. Racing

Episode 10: Kevin Miles, Bike Mechanic

Episode 11: Bob Bobrow, Part 1

Episode 12: Bob Bobrow, Part 2

Episode 13: Jason Chambers: KORT Physical Therapy